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ISSUE 3, JULY 2013

 KTTO participates in the ESBA Annual Event “Running a Business in Turbulent Times ”

On 20 June 2013, European Small Business Alliance (ESBA) held its Annual Event “Running a Business in Turbulent Times” in Brussels. This year’s event re-emphasized the importance of SMEs in creating economic growth and employment in Europe, and focused on how to start, grow and maintain a business in the middle of the current challenging economic environment. KTTO Board Member and ESBA Vice President Salih Çeliker and KTTO Brussels Representative Lale Shener participated in the event which was attended by EU officials, Chamber of Commerce representatives and entrepreneurs.


June 20 2013

On 20 June 2013, the European Small Business Alliance held its annual event. This year, the programme focused on how to run a business, in the middle of the challenging economic environment and with many businesses struggling for survival. Three crucial phases of the business life-cycle were discussed: start up, maintenance and growth. Furthermore, as half of the companies dissolve again within the first few years of existence, the event covered the possibility of insolvency and what measures to take. After the opening speeches by ESBA President David Caro and by Massimo Baldinato, member of the Cabinet of Vice-President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani, the importance of promoting entrepreneurship was highlighted by Phil Bennion, MEP (ALDE, UK). In particular, Mr Bennion put special emphasis on the role of education in developing skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. The start-up phase of a business was examined by means of challenging presentations from both Leo Exter - Founder of Westartup, Partner at HealthStartup and co-founder at Bizcamp Belgium and Claire Munck, Board Member of Business Angels Europe. The maintenance and growth phase was discussed with inspirational stories from Neil Johnson, who explained how he and his wife have grown their company HumblePie to a vibrant business, and by the company SpeakSet who are about to start their first manufacturing run and will use the platform Kickstarter to attract the necessary finance. The dos and don'ts in the case of insolvency were discussed by Soren Boutrup from the Danish Business Authority. He presented the Danish Early Warning system. Finally, Marko Curavić, Head of Unit for Entrepreneurship 2020 at DG Enterprise and Industry, presented the European Commission's current work on second chances for entrepreneurs and insolvency proceedings. 

For the full Report on the event, please click on the PDF below. 

>> Download Report on ESBA Event Running a Business in Turbulent Times PDF



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