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ISSUE 3, JULY 2013

Intentional efforts to create prejudice against intra-island trade should stop

KTTO sent a letter to the EU Commission reacting to the baseless allegations made by the Greek Cypriot authorities aiming to "create prejudice against Turkish Cypriot products and to hamper the Green Line Trade."

Reacting to statements of Mr. Nikos Kuyalis, Greek Cypriot Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, that the Green Line Regulation has loopholes and that fish coming from Turkey was being illegally traded across the Green Line, Günay Çerkez, President of KTTO, addressed a letter to the EU Commission, asking the latter to clearly dismiss all the allegations that are harmful to the Green line trade. “These are baseless statements and are part of the intentional efforts of the Greek Cypriot side to create prejudice against Turkish Cypriot products and to hamper the Green Line Trade” Çerkez said. “There is a very strict control process in place to ensure that the intra-island fish trade is being done in compliance with the rules and the requirements of the Green Line Regulation and respective Greek Cypriot authorities in charge of health, agriculture, veterinary departments are fully involved in this process. Our Chamber is in close cooperation with the EU Commission and the relevant EU experts in order to carry out the necessary controls to make sure that all involved in the trade comply with the relevant rules” he added.

Criticizing the Greek Cypriot side for using every occasion trying to undermine even the existing low levels of trade across the Line, which continue to decline each year, Çerkez said “After all these years, despite all our efforts, the existing so called psychological barriers remain one of the biggest obstacles to intra-island trade. If the highest level Greek Cypriot authorities keep on making such unfounded statements, these barriers could not be overcome, instead, they will continue with greater intensity”

Çerkez reminded the EU Commission of the common objective to contribute to the development of the Turkish Cypriot economy with a view to reunite the island, and requested the Commission not to allow any distractions to interfere with the efforts to achieve this very objective.




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