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ISSUE 19, 15 July 2015

Cypriot Leaders Shared Their Post-Settlement Economic Vision at the Chambers' Event

The Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (KTTO) and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEBE) organized a high level event in the framework of the EU co-funded project "Leading by Example" on the 8th of July in Nicosia.

The event brought together the leaders of the two Communities, H.E. Mr. Mustafa Akıncı and H.E. Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, as well as very distinguished representatives of the business and diplomatic communities on the island.

Both leaders shared their vision for a post settlement economy of Cyprus, and explained that a comprehensive solution will bring economic benefits to both Communities on the island, contributing to the stability in the region. The leaders reiterated their commitment to the solution of the Cyprus problem and endorsed the necessity of the business community’s involvement in the ongoing peace process. READ MORE

Cyprus peace talks resume with confidence building measures

Following the resumption of the full-fledged settlement talks in Cyprus under the auspices of the United Nations, the leaders of the Turkish and Greek Cypriot Communities, Mustafa Akıncı and Nicos Anastasiades respectively, have announced new confidence-building measures after their meeting on May 28, 2015. Interconnectivity of the electricity grids and the mobile phone operators were among the confidence building measures announced. These are the two projects initiated by the two Chambers of Commerce in Cyprus to enhance economic cooperation, overcome inhibition and encourage reconciliation between the two Communities on the island.

Cypriot Chambers of Commerce launch a bi-communal internship programme

The Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (KTTO) and The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) have launched their bi-communal internship programme May 15, 2015, at an event held at the UN buffer zone. Being implemented under the EU co-funded Leading by Example Project, the programme has as its main objective to give young Cypriots an outstanding work experience within the other community, gaining valuable professional skills towards their subsequent working lives while mastering the working and cultural environment in the other community. The programme will benefit 12 interns from each community over the period of September 2015- April 2016, with a 3 month duration for each intern. READ MORE

First Vice President Timmermans Speaks at ESBA Event on Better Regulation

During the annual event of the European Small Business Alliance (ESBA), entitled 'Better Regulation: The Way Forward', European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans spoke to an audience of Brussels stakeholders and small business owners. Timmermans reiterated earlier statements that Better Regulation does not necessarily mean deregulation and that transparency is a key ingredient for a successful agenda. Mr. Timmermans’ intervention was followed by a panel discussion with the participation of MEP Pavel Telicka, Ms. Anne Van Goethem from Luxembourg EU Presidency, Mike Cherry and Hans Biesheuvel, representing the views of small businesses. READ MORE

Intra-island trade volume remains at low levels

According to 2014 statistics, the Green Line trade still remains at very limited levels at around 3.5 million years per year and thus, far away from contributing to create economic interdependence between the two Communities on the island.

Following the European Commission’s adoption of its annual report 2014 on the implementation of the Green Line regulation , Fikri Toros, President of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, said “ The report reflects our concerns with regard to the low levels of intra-island trade volume and shares our view that removal of the persisting obstacles to trade would significantly contribute to increasing the trade volume across the Line ”. “ We urge the Greek Cypriot authorities to cooperate for the resolution of the long standing issues such as crossing of commercial vehicles and processed food across the Green Line without any further delay and respond positively to the efforts put forward by the European Commission for that purpose ”. “ Allowing the commercial vehicles and the processed food to cross, as well as lifting the prohibition on the trade of animals and animal products across the Line, as long as they comply with EU rules and standards, would definitely contribute to increasing the trade volume.” he added. “ Encouraging trade can only have a positive effect on bringing the two Communities together and contribute to our ultimate objective of reunification.” he emphasized . READ MORE

Visit to Nordic Countries by the Cypriot Chambers

Led by Fikri Toros ve Phidias Pilidis and, Presidents of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce and Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry resepctively, a joint delegation of Chambers visited Stockholm and Helsinki between 1-3 June 2015, to talk about the economic benefits of a solution and the role of the Chambers in the peace process. During the program, which was organized jointly by the Embassies of Sweden and Finland, the Chambers had the chance to learn about the Nordic start-up and incubation centers in order to better design their similar common projects in Cyprus. READ MORE

Chambers’ Presidents drew attention to the lucrative sectors in the post-settlement Cyprus during their visit in Germany

The Presidents of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (KTTO) and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEBE), Fikri Toros and Phidias Pilides respectively, visited Germany between 15-18 June 2015, to promote the role of the Chambers in the peace process, to raise awareness about the economic benefits of a solution and to draw attention to the lucrative sectors of post-settlement Cyprus for investment. During the visit, Toros also had the opportunity to inform his counterparts about the economic situation in North Cyprus and raised the urgent necessity of speeding up the efforts for preparing the Turkish Cypriot community for EU integration. READ MORE

KTTO Board Member Salih Celiker elected as the Senior Vice President of ESBA

KTTO Board Member Salih Celiker has been elected as the Senior Vice-President of European Small Business Alliance (ESBA) at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting held on 30 June 2015 in Brussels. KTTO became a full member of ESBA in January 2010 and Mr. Celiker has been serving as its Vice-President since June 2012.

Commenting on his re-election, Mr Celiker said “It has been an honour for me to represent KTTO and the Turkish Cypriot business community in ESBA since 2010. ESBA has been steadily growing and strengthening its position in the EU arena and I look forward to contributing to its success as the Senior-Vice President”.
Founded in 1998, ESBA is a non-party political group representing and advocating the interests of the small business entrepreneurs and the self-employed at EU-level. The Alliance now represents more than one million small businesses in 36 European countries.
For more information on ESBA: ( http://www.esba-europe.org/ )

KTTO launches its
SME Development Unit

SME Development Unit is established under the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce to provide consulting services to the local businesses in order to increase their productivity of goods and services, contribute to their institutionalization, help improve their export capacity, and create new export opportunities. The Unit is set up within the framework of the project financed by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Nicosia and supported by Çukurova Development Agency. READ MORE

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