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ISSUE 23, 29 July 2016


EU fact finding missions
to North Cyprus due to start in September


After addressing the technical obstacle which has delayed the start of the EU fact finding missions that were initially scheduled for mid-April, the missions by the EU Commission services to North Cyprus are due to start in September 2016. The missions which will be carried out within the framework of “the Bi-Communal Ad Hoc Committee on EU preparation” will constitute an essential part of the Committee’s efforts in better preparing the Turkish Cypriot Community for the implementation of the acquis.
Commenting on the news, Fikri Toros, President of KTTO, said “We have long been lobbying the EU to speed up its efforts to prepare the Turkish Cypriot business community for the EU integration. Thus, we are very pleased that the EU fact finding missions are scheduled to start soon. This would allow for the much needed financial and technical assistance assessment to be made by EU experts in each relevant area of Union law, so that the concrete steps can be taken to prepare the Turkish Cypriot Community for the implementation of the EU acquis.
This is an important and challenging task which we can only accomplish with the necessary engagement and cooperation of the EU” Toros stressed. “Leaving the Turkish Cypriot Community poorly prepared for the eventual reunification and the EU single market will not only risk the support of the business community to the eventual settlement agreement but will also jeopardize the sustainability of “the United Federal Cyprus” he emphasized. READ MORE


KTTO and KEBE meet under the auspices of EUROCHAMBRES

The Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (KTTO) and The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEBE) met on 13 July 2016 under the auspices of EUROCHAMBRES to discuss how the Turkish Cypriot business community could be supported for the implementation of the EU acquis in preparation for the Cyprus settlement agreement and the EU single market.
Welcoming the active involvement of both Chambers in building mutual trust and enhancing business relations between both business communities in Cyprus, Arnaldo Abruzzini, CEO of EUROCHAMBRES said “Turkish Cypriot companies are key stakeholders in the implementation of EU legislation, since the majority of current legislation adapted to the EU acquis will directly or indirectly affect them. It is therefore crucial that they are informed about the business-related EU acquis and that they receive effective support and advice to adapt, comply and be competitive in preparation for the Cyprus settlement agreement.” For the full text of the Eurochambres press release, please click here.


KTTO was represented at the panel discussion entitled “Cyprus Reunification: A Moment (um) Not To Be Missed”

On 25 May 2016, the Centre for European Progression (CEFP) and the Martens Centre for European Studies co-organized a panel discussion entitled ‘Cyprus Reunification: A Moment(um) Not To Be Missed?’.  
Ms. Lale Shener, the Brussel Representative KTTO, was among the panelists at the event, providing the Turkish Cypriot business perspective to the discussion.

At the panel moderated by Federico Ottavio Reho, Junior Research Officer at the Martens Centre, the panelists discussed if and why Cyprus is closer now than ever to a viable settlement, the benefits of a reunified Cyprus to the region and to the EU, as well as the steps need to be taken to make the ongoing peace process a success. All the panelists agreed that there could not be a better time for a solution considering that the continuation of the Cyprus problem contributes to the instability in the region and that in a few years the geopolitical issues and international pressures might increase. READ MORE


The Turkish Cypriot Business Representative Organisations strongly condemned the coup attempt in Turkey

The Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, together with other prominent Turkish Cypriot Business Representative Organisations, issued a joint statement strongly condemning the coup attempt which took place in Turkey in 15 July 2016. 
“Such attempts aiming at undermining Turkey's democratic and secular structure do not lead to instability in Turkey alone but in the entire region". "The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has very special cultural, economic and political ties with the Republic of Turkey, and any development that leads to instability in Turkey is bound to adversely affect the prosperity and the future of the Turkish Cypriot people” said in the statement.
Warning of the negative implications that the instability in Turkey would have on the ongoing Cyprus settlement process, the business representative organisations reiterated their commitment to making every contribution to the ongoing settlement process so that the process continues without being affected adversely by the developments in Turkey, and a final agreement that would be presented for the approval of the two Communities is reached until the end of 2016.READ MORE

Economic prospects of Cyprus settlement discussed at the European Parliament

The event on the economic prospects of a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus took place on 26 June 2016 at the European Parliament. At the panel hosted by İlhan Kyuchyuk, Member of the European Parliament at the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group (ALDE), the ongoing Cyprus settlement talks and the significant economic benefits of a unified Cyprus were among the issues discussed. READ MORE

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Established in 1958, the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (KTTO) is an internationally-recognized organization, representing the Turkish Cypriot business community at home and abroad.  READ MORE


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