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ISSUE 2, JUNE 2013

KTTO disapproves of the European Commission’s proposal for an amendment to the Green Line Regulation

On 13 May 2013, the European Commission proposed an amendment to the Green Line Regulation to ease the transit crossing of Greek Cypriot goods from one part of South Cyprus to another, through North Cyprus. According to the explanatory memorandum: “The amendment aims in particular to ease the lives of Greek Cypriot farmers living in the Kato Pyrgos area of Cyprus.”

KTTO President Çerkez sent a letter to EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Füle expressing his disapproval of the EU Commission's proposal. Çerkez said: "Instead of delivering on your promises and dealing with all the pending issues that would ease the isolation of Turkish Cypriots, you give priority to improve the lives of Greek Cypriot citizens, who unlike Turkish Cypriots, already fully enjoy the benefits of being in the European Union."

Even though it has always been a strong advocate of all attempts to increase confidence between the two Communities in Cyprus and to make life easier for all Cypriots, KTTO criticized how the issues waiting to be solved within the context of GLR have been prioritized. Recalling KTTO’s proposals on introducing new products like farm fish and dairy products to the Green Line Trade and the full liberalization of the trade by including products imported to North Cyprus from all countries in the Customs Union, Çerkez said “We hope that the EU will show the necessary determination and political will in taking the necessary steps to materialize our proposals”. Çerkez called on the EU Commission to put into place a direct trade mechanism that would enable Turkish Cypriots to trade freely and directly with the rest of the EU without further delay.

In the letter President Çerkez also drew attention to the difficulties faced by Turkish Cypriots from all walks of life, from farming and trade to tourism and higher education. “We cannot travel directly, nor can we trade our products or services directly to a willing buyer in the EU. Turkish Cypriot students cannot even enjoy the benefits of the Erasmus program”, he stated.



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