Green Line Regulation


Application Forms

Consolidated version (31.08.2015) of the Green Line Regulation

Consolidated list of fishing vessels (December 2023)


The goods shall be accompanied by the ‘Accompanying Document’ issued by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (TCCC).

The Accompanying Document is issued by the TCCC upon necessary checks to determine the origin of products. As per the Green Line Regulation (EC 866/2004), goods may be introduced to the South Cyprus over the Green Line on the condition that;

  •  they are wholly obtained in North Cyprus (like earth, stone, mineral products, vegetables etc.) or,
  •  they have gone their last, substantial, economically justified processing or working in an undertaking equipped for that purpose in North Cyprus.

The conditions stated above are general rules for determination of origin. It should be noted that there are some exceptional rules applicable for certain products such as textiles and machinery

The following changes in classification shall not be considered in determining the origin of the good :
• changes which result from disassembly;
• changes which result from packaging or repackaging;
• changes which result solely from application of General Rule of Interpretation 2 (a) of the HS with respect to collections of parts that are presented as unassembled or disassembled articles.
• changes which result from merely putting up in sets.

The products that are not allowed to be traded within the context of the Green Line Regulation are;

• Live animal and animal products (except fresh fish)
• Pistachios and hazelnuts originating in or consigned from Turkey, and the products containing these.
• Plants for planting

These traded goods are not subject to a customs declaration. They shall not be subject to customs duties or charges having equivalent effect.

Temprorary Introduction of Goods
With the exception of goods which are subject to veterinary and phytosanitary requirements, the following goods may be temprorarily introduced to South Cyprus as per the latest amendment to the Green Line Regulation on 16th June 2008:

  • the personal effects of persons crossing the line reasonably required for the journey and goods for sports purposes
  • means of transport
  • proffessional equipment
  • goods destined to be repaired
  • goods to be exhibited or used at a public event

These goods may be introduced to South Cyprus for a period up to six months.

Goods contained in the personal luggage of persons crossing the line shall be from turnover tax and excise duty as well as from other duties provided that they have no commercial character and their total value does not exceed EUR 260 per person. The quantitative limits for these exemptions shall be 40 cigarettes and 1 litre of spirits for personal consumption. No Accompanying Document is required for these goods.