Setting up a Company

In order to set up a company in north Cyprus the following documents must be submitted to the Official Receiver and Registrar :

Company Registration Without Foreign Capital

Company Name; the Registrar will accept any name which is not identical to one already on the register.
Company’s statutes and Article of Association
M.Ş 1,2,3 Forms
Photocopy of identity card
Company Registration With Foreign Capital

In addition to those documents stated above the followings must also be submitted by the foreign investors:

Character Certificate for directors and shareholders
Certificate of Tax payment guarantee for directors obtained from the local Revenue and Tax Office.
Original passport or approved photocopy of passport or identity card.
Certificate of the deposit of the shareholders’ capital share at a local bank. The minimum capital requirement for establishing a company with foreign participation is US$ 30,000.
Source: Official Receiver and Registrar Office