SME Development Unit


SME Development Unit is established under the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce.This project is funded by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Nicosia and supported by Çukurova Development Agency. Its main objectives are to provide consulting services in order to help local businesses to increase their productivity of goods an services, contribute to their institutionalization, help improve their export capacity, and create new export opportunities.

Main activities include :

  • Creating new projects for SMEs, sectoral reseraches and studies;
  • Providing trainings and consultancy services based on the needs of SMEs;
  • Following up on funding and subsity opportunities for SMEs and to inform them about the relevant criteria and legislation;
  • Organising seminars and conferences on marketing and export strategies, product and services quality, business efficiency and management;
  • Helping the SMEs to increase their company’s skills and competencies in order to prepare them for foreign markets, and provide technical assistance and advise for participation at international fairs;
  • Organising meetings between foreign investors and local companies, as well as organizing `Cooperation Days’ events.

Start Date:  January  2015

Completion Date:  December 2015