Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Protecting occupational morals and integrity and working for the development of commerce in
    accordance with general interests,
  2. Working for the development and protection of the Turkish Cypriot Society’s commercial, industrial, touristic and agricultural activities, and supporting and giving advice to businesspeople in these topics,
  3. Compiling and sending information and news on economic issues to relevant individuals, provide information requested by official authorities, and provide or make it easier to reach information requested by members needed in their occupational life,
  4. Carrying out all sorts of studies relating to economic activities and forming indices and statistics on these activities,
  5. Issuing Declaration of Place of Origin for Turkish Cypriot export goods,
  6. Helping members willing to get barcode numbers,
  7. Giving advice and requests to ministries and other related authorities on occupational activities,
  8. Determining commercial traditions, customs, and practices,
  9. Deciding on codes of conduct for the commercial institutions,
  10. Setting up relations with international economic institutions, Chambers of Commerce, and institutions alike, institutes and individuals or companies, exchanging information, giving advice and reference on traders, producers, providers and other businesspeople and/or institutions,
  11. Helping with the establishment and development of members’ international contacts, and having representatives and establishing offices in other countries to carry out objectives laid out in this charter,
  12. Pointing to and developing legal and other measures affecting commercial, industrial, touristic and agricultural issues,
  13. Acting as a body of arbitration in conflicts arising from commercial, industrial, touristic and agricultural relations,
  14. Organizing and supporting exhibitions and fairs in the fields of commerce, industry, tourism, and agriculture,
  15. Preparing information on commerce, industry and agriculture,
  16. Publishing newspapers, magazines, books and leaflets to facilitate the development of its objectives,
  17. Protecting its members’ interests at official committees and other such institutions,
  18. Buying and selling, renting, using or disposing of any moveable or immoveable property to facilitate the development of its interests and to better serve the societal economy and its members,
  19. Accepting grants or gifts to serve the objectives of the Chamber,
  20. Getting loans and finding resources under acceptable conditions to carry out the Chamber’s objectives,
  21. Using and investing existing Chamber resources in accordance with Chamber interests,
  22. Acting in a way that will not contradict the above mentioned objectives in economic and commercial issues,
  23. Organizing lotteries, parties, exhibitions and such aiming to bring more income to the Chamber,
  24. Advising the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and its Governments in the above mentioned issues and generally economic and commercial topics.