Chamber Membership

According to the ‘Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Law’ no 21/1891 those private and juristic persons stated below are mandatory to register their business to the Chamber.
I. Businesses which involve in the retail sale of food substances, expect those defined as ‘ Grocery’, businesses which involve in import and export activities and brokers
II. Industrial businesses which selll their manufactured goods
III. State Economic Enterprises included in section (i)
IV. Banks except cooperatives. However, cooperatives which involve export and import activities and trade procedures
V. Insurance institutions
VI. Tourism and travel agencies

Documents Required for Registration

Individual Registration   

I.Photocopy of identity card
II.Character Certificate
III.Certificate of Tax Registration
IV.Annual fee : 504 TL
V.New registration fee : 210 TL

Company Registration

I.Certificate of incorporation by the Official Receiver and  Registrar
II.Company’s statutes and Article of Association
III.Certificate of Tax Registration
IV.Annual fee: 604 TL
V.New registration fee: 210 TL