Joint Statement by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce have been working together for a long time for the promotion of economic co-operation between the two communities on the island. We strongly believe that as a result of a viable and functional solution of the Cyprus problem there will be considerable economic benefits to the island as many economic studies have shown over the years. Inspired by this vision, the two Chambers also underline the need to create conditions of stability in the Eastern Mediterranean through establishing a settlement on the island as a first step.

Therefore, the two Chambers continue to support lawful Green Line trade as a tool to enhance the economic co-operation on the island. We believe that there is potential to increase the existing volume of trade over the Green Line and invite all stakeholders to co-operate with us in overcoming psychological and other obstacles by informing society at large about this mechanism. As they have always been doing since its introduction in 2004, the Chambers will continue to do their utmost to provide support and guidance for the promotion of Green Line trade.

Finally, the two Chambers reiterate their commitment to their common vision in supporting the peace process led by the two leaders in Cyprus in their efforts to reach an agreed framework that will provide for a viable and lasting solution to the Cyprus problem which has been the source of instability for decades while at the same time it restricts the two communities to maximise their full economic potential. Keeping this vision in our minds, we encourage all sides to provide a positive contribution to helping the leaders to lead their communities towards a better future for the generations to come.